The version documenting the shared basic features of Recola and Recola2 is

whereas the Recola2/BSM manual

describes the new features of Recola2 with respect to Recola and introduces the new model files.

New features beyond the first releases are not reported in the manual anymore. Consider the following sections instead or use the Quick search box in the sidebar.

Recola specific

Version: 1.4.4

API Docs

The following sections cover all functions for steering Recola/Recola2:

Process generation:

This section covers the process definition, selection of coupling powers, resonances (and topologies) and the generation of processes.

Process computation:

This section documents functions used for computing amplitudes, interferences etc.

Setting parameters:

This section list all functions for modifying input parameters.

IO settings:

This section list all functions for steering Recola’s output.

Collier cache:

This section list all functions for setting up/controlling Collier’s cache system.